Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sky City - 2018

Today was our trip to Sky Tower which was really cool. When we got off from the bus from sky City our class went to the casino which it is under the exilator but we sore our guide person waiting for us  which the person will take us to look around the sky tower so we had to be in our kiwi can groups so some people went in the elevator and some people waited for the elevator so Before we got up to level 60 my ears where blocked because of the elevator and i had to swallow or puff my nose then we got to the top of the sky tower and my face was so surprise as i got out of the elevator and i can see the hole view of sky city so we had look around and we saw people jumping off the sky tower and people looking around of sky city. then after when we finished our guide person took us to level 45 where they look for a safe place so all of us went to level 45 and just learn all about their safety so after that they said they gonna take us to an theatre to watch all about sky city hears a fact did you know that the sky tower was built in 1996 in October the 3rd which they celebrate the sky tower every year we aslo finished off our tour of looking at sky city i enjoyed looking around in the sky tower because it was my first time in the sky tower. a huge thank you to Douglas bates for planning this trip for Panmure Bridge School and donating the money.

5 Facts About Ancient Rome

Today this is my reading task of showing what is an Ancient Rome. An ancient Rome is an place in Italy where people fight, back then the empire wanted who ever win the person will stay alive or if the person was killed then the person cannot be on the arena in the Colosseum this was an interesting task to do because it helps to learn all about ancient Rome i worked collaboratively.

Facts about Vikings

This week is my reading task of talking about vikings what is an viking. vikings are people that lived on Scandinavia and they used their fighting skills of using swords, axes, and also spears and wooden shield and bows and arrows this was interesting of finding facts because its an good thing of learning about vikings did you know that vikings abandoned their own kids.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale Drawing - Maths week

Last week was our maths week we've been leaning about how we can draw an scale drawing.
First we had to look for an picture for our maths art and i picked an skeleton on a rose then we moved on to our practice before we look for an easy image to draw my practice was drawing an butterfly it was hard at the same time because i have to make it right. Then Mrs Kirkpatrick said after when you finish your practice we will move on to the A3 paper of drawing our design so after that i moved on to the A3 paper so i can draw my art on to the A3 paper and then i finally finished my art and i was proud of my self trying to look like the same.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Tech - Reflection

Toady for our task at tech was doing pewter casting for other people that finishing their work. What im doing is up to sanding my design and trying to finish my work off so i can take my design home this was interesting because everyone is nearly finishing off their tech design and i hope i finish my design so i can finally get my grades.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


Today we been learning about the Careers of what we want to do in the future. First we had to answer a quest to find out what job we can do in the future For me there are all kinds of jobs i want to do in the future which i want to do in the future is tyre technician and the salary i get paid is per yeah is 34k between 45k

Kiwi can - Reflection

This week for kiwi can we been learning about problem solving. What is an problem solving well it means that working as a team and sharing ideas and choosing the best solution. Then we moved on playing rock paper scissors so this game is different to the original game so how you play this game is you have to vs someone and if you win or lose then you have to  sit or stand while you are battle an other person so we were laughing and trying to win or lose the game. Then soon as we finished playing rock paper scissors we moved on our activity and our activity for kiwi can was hand soccer because the other boys wanted to vote for hand soccer so we played the game but for this game we have to put our hands on the ball and try shoot the ball to the goal then we finished off with kiwi can i enjoyed and worked collaboratively with my kiwi can group.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Pechaflikr Narratives

Toady for this week for writing we had to finish our writing dlo because it will be good to show all people about our learning at Panmure Bridge School. My partner was Joshua and we made a dlo about pechaflikr, pechaflilkr is something you make out of an story that tells someone what is the story about then we moved on to our link ideas between paragraphs what we had to do is link our comments of what the story is gonna be about so Joshua and i put our information and powerful words on to the link ideas between paragraphs then we paint a picture with words to show not tell what was happening. this was an good activity with my partner so we can do this an another time and the hard bit was trying to add more powerful words.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Tech - Reflection

Today for Tech we are finishing our design and polishing it, other people is nearly finish to their design. My one is already finish, but I need to finish my workbook. We put every thing that we did on workbook, we also put our different design in their and what they mean to us. Being in pewter casting is so fun, you will learn lots of new things like how you sand the pewter and other stuffs.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook island - Language week 2018

For this week was cook island language week. Yesterday we had to look at the different stuffs of the cook islands this was an interesting activity of learning of the cook island because its an good way of learning each different cultures then first our teacher said to make an DLO about the cook islands
my group was Jericho, Josh, Christopher and Savelina. Then each of us had to look for facts or finding pictures of the cook islands and making sure we finished our cook island language week DLO i have collaboratively with my group and having to know all about the cook islands.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Mathoinaire Maths

Today for math challenges we played a game called Who Wants To Be a Mathionaire. This game is about a you answering your times table, there is a board of money at the side. Each answer you get right you will climb up to $1,000,000. If you get all of the questions right you will have $1,000,000. If you get one answer wrong then it will be game over this is a game to practice our timetables.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Pro 's and Co'ns

Toady we talked about living in a light house This is the dlo that we made a list of pro's and con's.

Chicago teams

For this week our teacher Mrs Anderson came back from Chicago and told the stories of her trip. Then she told us to go on google maps were they live and how big is the house then we made a google presentation to show the Chicago sport's teams so one of the Chicago sports teams was Chicago bears,
Chicago bulls, Chicago cubs, Chicago white sox and Chicago black hawks i really enjoyed doing this activity because it show that what ever Chicago team they can do better and make better progressing at sports

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Pro's and Con's

Toady we were learning about the light house story. After that Mr Johnston told us to go away from our groups and put more words on our paper our title was pro's and con's pro's are like peaceful or other good things while you can live on the light house and con's are like bad things like no reception or going back or forth with the grocery shopping and after that we went back down to read our sentences
and we told the words to Mr Johnston to make a list.

ASB - Get wise

Toady was and interesting fun activity with Jay den This learning was about ASB  Earn - Save or Spending. This show's me that i need to take responsibility of saving and spending on other stuffs. I have enjoyed being in this group because we worked collaboratively and to solve how much we have. 
after that we played a game of spending at the air port so if i had 1,800 i would spend the food and other cheap stuffs i can buy and probably i would have 100 left i enjoyed playing the game with my group

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki celebration Festivial

Today is matariki day to celebrate our cultures. One of our dances was Maori, Pacific and Ukulele, i was proud of this celebration because its good to spend time with friends and family and having a good day for an celebration of all of the cultures. The dances were interesting because it represent the cultures
and my culture was Cookisland after that we had sausages to enjoy the matariki big Thanks to Whaea odie and Mr Ogilve and all the teachers for helping this celebration for students.


Today Ls2 has been collaborating with Ls1 for Matariki. My partners for this group was Joshua W, Sione, Jarome this was an good activity because so we know all bout Matariki and the 7 stars this challenge we had to do is find information about Matariki and the 7 stars and one thing about Matariki is like being together as a family and talking and having a good day of  Matariki

Friday, 29 June 2018

Cape Regina

This week we created a DLO about the Cape Reinga lighthouse. We used our smart searching skills to find out about the Cape Reinga light house. We went into different sites to help us find information. We learnt that the Cape Reinga light house on the tip of New Zealand. I learnt a lot from this activity.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


For this week our challenge for maths was about M&M's with Mr Johnston. First we had to use our searching skills and finding information to show how many M&M are in a packet. Then we had to count the small M&M in different colors this was and fun activity because we got to eat the M&M's i worked with my group collaboratively.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Unicycle Craze




Today for reading we read a story about The Cycling Craze, it is about some of the things that were used in the olden day. We also learning about the different types of cycles in the olden day. There are three types and they are unicycle that means it has one wheel, bicycle that means it only has two wheels and last but not less the tricycle the tricycle has three wheels on it.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Pewter Casting - Tech Reflection

For this week for tech we were finishing our work from last week I'm up to my drawing and i picked a picture was an heart that will show that i'm making it for my Mum. Everyone was doing well on their work and getting their work finish this was an collaboratively challenge for me because in the future i will able to make some think. Everyone was up to the sand paper sand paper is like scarping on some think that could make it shinny like an mirror but if you can see your face on the design then you just give it to your teacher and if it was he or she  then they will do the rest for your work. I like Pewter casting because its interesting and you will learn some think new at Pewter casting.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi can - Refletion

This week for kiwi can our subject was integrity integrity means that being honest or not lying to other people. This showed me that if i don't do right thing you will have a bad life but it will tell me that i can do right things in the future instead of bad things. After that we talked about accountability is like taking responsibility and getting on time for school after that we moved on playing copy me you have to copy the cards like example if 5 cards were doing push ups you have to follow that rule. and then we moved on green light and red light how you play it is that you will need a partner to switch around and if they say yellow light you run around and go back to your partner this activity was interesting because it shows me that i do the right things instead of the bad things.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Duffy Assembly

This year for my activity for the Care Awards was present at assembly. I felt Proud of myself because I tried my best and had a go at presenting at the Assembly. I felt really nervous and scared because i didn't want to make a mistake on the script while i was reading so i tried my best and i enjoyed presenting at a Assembly.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Tech - Reflection

This week for tech we were making our design's and looking for images for who your making it for.
Everyone was work well on their work and  trying yo finish their work this activity was interesting to know how to make pewter casting. I felt proud of my self doing something that i can learn from.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Respiratory Systems

Toady for inquiry we played a game that was based on Respiratory Systems. We had to answer each questions on the Respiratory Systems and i got them all right I've enjoyed playing the Respiratory Systems game.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Charlotte Anne

Tech - Reflection

This week for tech we were learning about pewter casting. pewter casting is like making metal of you own design and chose that we had to make something for your family then we watched Mr Grundy
showing us the silver block and you can get 10,000 if you sell the silver block. Then we had turns of sharing the silver blocks and showing us the design with the last design Then Mr Grundy set all of us to work and we had to draw or grab a image from google what your design is. It was a interesting rotation
for today

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi sport - Reflection

For this week for kiwi sport it was an amazing game called octopus and ripper ruby. first we started playing off with  octopus.  how you play this game is that the person  in the middle  call's the person
example like names, shoes, feet, and clothes i liked running because it is good for sports and for training.
then we moved on to our skills and passing the ball to your own team then we had a quick game of ripper rugby its like rugby but not tackling the person its like taking their strapped colour on their  
                                    waste i really enjoyed playing ripper rugby and octopus.

Kiwi can - Reflection

For this week for kiwi can our group were talking about role models who you look up to in the future.
What we started off is our learning was about integrity is about being honest  and if they will accept your answer. After that we moved on to play fruit salad so if someone say apple you have to go forward and if it was banana you have to go back and orange is that you turn to the same
direction and after that we moved on to play role model statue and control them what the person is saying and copy the person what they are doing.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Samoan Language week

Samoa Tattoo
How Samoa's make                 

What kind of material do they have to make tattoo    

Samoans use sticks with sharp brushes that have ink on them and stabs it through the skin of the patient that will start coursing blood to come out and that there would be other people that will rub out the blood and one person uses a towel to rub out the blood.

Samoans use different types of material to make the tattoo. The materials they use are these types of sticks connected to a sharp brush and the other material is a 60-50 cm long stick that bangs the sharpen brush that makes the ink come out.

This week for Samoan language week we have learnt some things about Samoa but we had to choose out many different culture things that revolve around Samoa and as many of the cultural thing we have chosen the tattoos and sometimes the tattoos are used to tell a family tell. They also have a unique materials.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Leap of Faith

 This week for writing we were writing a narrative. This narrative is about taking a leap of faith. This is a first person story describing the feelings and mixed emotions this person was feeling while competing in a big event. To help improve my writing I proof read it out loud to hear for my mistakes. I added, deleted and changed sentences and words to make it more interesting

Inquiry - Skeletal System

For this week for inquiry we were learning to create a body using play dough and tooth pics.
What we done is that we made a figure to show if it can stand up  and make it flop and after that we used the body pics so that it looks like it has bone and ribs . Then we made a GIF maker to show that we taken the photos I worked collaborativey with Joshua v,  jay don , jona.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Kiwi can - Recflection

The theme for kiwi can session is Integrity and our topic is making good choices and bad  choices,    making    
Good choices is when you choose to do good choices to make others feel good about them self and not be harmed/ get into trouble. and making bad choices is when you mock some ones family or having a fight. Then we moved on to play a game called claps how you play the game is that you have to copy someones clap at a time.

What is a metaphor

 Last week we had to make a google drawing about metaphor Example A metaphor is a way of describing without using as or like, The clouds are soft pillow. Then we had to look at the seasons to understand the story.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


For this week we been learning about a  poem called Two day wonder.  we had to look for powerful words to show that we know these words I worked collaboratively with junior. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How to survive a cow attack

Today for this week i created this google drawing to show how to survive a cow attack. what you can see is there is steps to follow how to survive a cow attack example do not run away from a cow stay were you are at .


Today for this week for maths we been learning our 6 time tables and division. This shows that we been learning the 6 timetables and after when we finish our 6 timetable we vs the teacher and get free
time for the hole block.

Friday, 4 May 2018


Yesterday we went to sailing from our trip to learn how to sail on a boat. First we went on the bus
and we got off from Okahu Bay this  programme was called, Sailing Have a go this programme was run  by sailing  new Zealand and sponsored  by Rotary. Thanks to Mr ogilve Mr Johnston and Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs koloa brander for staying for the rest of the day and repairing  the sailing for panmure bridge school

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Story Of Hineahuone

For inquiry we have been learning about the body system and to incorporate traditional Maori stories. Mrs Anderson has prepared an inquiry about the Maori belief of Hineahuone. In Maori myth Hineahuone was the first lady created. She was created because the gods created an immaculate earth but their was no one to enjoy it. So Tane Mahuta molded Hineahuone out of the red earth. The impressed Tāwhirimātea whispered "Take my breath, and give her life." Tane then bent over the women he made and breathed deeply. The woman's chest moved and she sneezed. "Tihei" the god's were ecstatic. Today the hongi is a traditional welcome that came to be because of the story of Hineahuone.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


For the start of the week for term 2 LS2 has been learning about the a sophisticated picture book called Memorial. This book is about a tree that is planted beside a war memorial monument after the war. This book features a young boy which is the narrator of the story. This book also features his dad, Grandpa and Great grandpa who had fought in the war. We had worked on activities of this book, The activity I chose to publish onto my blog is settings. For this activity we needed to find out the peritext, images and texts. This was quite a hard challenge because we needed to use our smart searching skills to finish this activity.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Pencil Coding

This week for maths we've been learning about Pencil Coding. Pencil Coding is site that uses angles and shapes. I've made a square and a triangle that shows I've been making shapes with angles.

Aretha Franklin

This is a DLO on Aretha Franklin. This DLO is one of the activities that goes under my respect C.A.R.E award. Aretha Franklin was born on march 25, 1942 and she was an American song writer and started her career as a child. Did you know that Aretha Franklin's father was a Minister?

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Making Connections

Today we read an article about  the history of snow boarding.  I learnt that the collection of snowboarding tricks and stunts was first filmed in 1996 in Alaska. I think it would be cool to try snowboarding.

Monday, 9 April 2018


Today we worked in pairs to describe the Biathlon at the Winter Olympics 2018. We then made a Prezi to shows our facts about the Biathlon winter Olympics next we got  a image on google that show's that people will know the sport at the winter Olympics.

Thursday, 29 March 2018


Today for our new rotation for tech we were learning about our subjects and our favourite things.
first we had to pick our pictures from google images it was a fun activity to do.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Winter Olympics Biathlon

This week we worked as a group to research the Biathlon event held at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
It shows the athletes training, equipment and how the game is played.

Monday, 26 March 2018

2 minute 1 minute

                 Equipment & respect

This year is the winter olympics 2018. There are 43 different countries that competed  in pyeongchang 2018 winter olympics.
They have to respect the equipment so they don't injury
Themselves. There are been different countries in the winter Olympics that won gold , silver , bronze. Passion means that all different countries  That comes together.

Today i made sure that my capitals and full stops are correct

I need to remember to put in powerful words

[ 73 ] words

Today we used the ‘2 words 1 minute’ challenge to write a description about the Winter Olympics. After talking in pairs about the things we knew about the winter Olympics we created a list of words (vocabulary) that would help us write our description. We chose the words ‘equipment’ and ‘respect’ to help us think about what we were going to write.

I did…

I need to remember to use

Read Theory Progress

This is my Grade Graph in read theory. I think I was doing well in read theory because I was being carefully of the words next time I will make better progression of my reading in term 2.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Stephen Hawking

Sadly Stephen Hawking as past away last week but we will not forget all the work he as done and the things that he made possible. Christopher and I have created this presentation to show the thing that we have learnt about Stephen Hawking. He was know as the the a very smart person. For this task we focused on using our own words and attributing images. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Let me tell you about the winter Olympics

Let me tell you bout winter Olympics

Pyeongchang is a winter Olympics that’s held at south Korea.
People are been winning gold ,silver, bronze medals.When people win the Pyeongchang winter Olympics medals. And the mascot’s cheer for their own country and there were 92 countries that competed in the winter Olympics in South Korea . And There were lots of sports events and the New Zealand won some medals Like one silver and two bronze . Passion means that people all over world  are connected in winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018. And there were opening ceremony and when winter Olympics is finished and there will be a closing ceremony. And every person have to have skills to join the winter olympics and win it . The country has different uniform And equipment .

This morning  we been writing about the pyeongchang winter Olympics 2018. My partner was Jonathan and we had to write 5 minutes about winter Olympics. Soon after that we had to talk into buddy's about the winter olympics.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Making connections

Today for reading our group read a book called "The Olympics". We talked about how does the sport work, how many kinds of sports are there. It talks about what is Olympics like in the olden days. We did Text to text, text to world and text to self. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Thank You - Mrs Prasad

This week I have been writing a thank you letter to my teacher in room 5. I choose to do this as a C.A.R.E award because it was interesting and I was waiting for a chance to say thank you to Mrs Prasad. Mrs Prasad was a wonderful and helpful teacher.

Thank You Mrs Prasad.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Where is Pyeongchang?

I created this DLO that shows how far away Pyeongchang is from Auckland. I now know Pyeongchang is in South Korea. South Korea is near Thailand, China and Japan, and is next to North Korea. One fact I found interesting was that North and South Korea speak the same language.

Making connections

For this week for reading  our reading group were learning about the winter Olympics and how snow works.  i learned something today text to text text to world text to self