Thursday, 13 December 2018

City Of Sails - 5 Challenges

This week LS2 have been doing the City Of Sails Challenge. There were numerous of task to choose from. The task were based on Auckland and our challenge is called the City Of Sails Challenge because Auckland has over 135,000 boats or yatches. We were to pick from 48 activities and only do 5. For my first activity I did was Finding 10 Facts about the Auckland Mayor. I have enjoyed doing 5 activity's because it shows that I can make better progress in my learning.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

RIchard Pearse - Powtoon

Today we have created an Powtoon about Richard Pearse. My group was Josh, Kamye and Te Pounamu and what we did for this activity was we created an Powtoon about Richard Pearse and finding information about Him. After that all groups had to present their slides and talking about the Different NZ inverters. I have enjoyed doing this activity because it shows that we can learn new things about NZ Inverters.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Victorian DLO's


This DLO shows you my drawing from paper and using tools in google drawing. Iv'e come with an idea to draw a half Steampunk and Hat drawing. Iv'e written a short meaning about steampunk. I have learnt a lot of information about steam punk. Iv'e also enjoyed doing this activity. In this activity we worked in groups and our group we choose to do the Mining during Victorian time. In my group I have been working with Junior. There are lots of young people working that time, one of the easiest job that they can do is the trapper it is the easiest job for young people they just open and close the door so there is a fresh air coming in the mine, but there is one negative thing about this job, it is going to be boring if you open and close the door everyday. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Tech - Reflection

This week for Tech we have been caring on our Art designs from this term. What Im doing is trying to finish my art design from this term and everyone is trying their hardest to finish their art designs I have enjoyed doing this tech activity from this term because its shows skills that you can learn new things in art.

WW1 Medal

This week for Inquiry we have been learning about the Maori Battalion Medals. What we had to do for this task was I created an google drawing to show other people what Im drawing a WW1 medal for a person This is Being respectful of doing this activity because it shows that they have been in WW1.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Athletics - 2018

This week Panmure Bridge School have done our Athletics today. What we did for today was we had to do different activity's around Panmure Bridge School and the Tamaki people were helping with the Different activity to. I was in the green team with Me,Lyric,Hajera,Joshua, Angela and Nyjah and we have worked hard for our team to complete these activity with our team i have enjoyed doing athletics because it shows that i can do more sports in athletics.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Surface Of Book Length

This week is Book Challenge Week. Me and Jericho have decided to create a DLO on the width and length of a book. We have chosen three random books and measured them. We have noticed that each book has 19cm of length.

10 Questions - 2018

For this week I have been given an task to do for Mrs Kirkpatrick. What I had to do for this activity was I created an google drawing of making 10 questions of my own book for this activity my book was Tom gates and the reason why I choose that book because it is an fun book to read for kids. I have enjoyed doing this activity because of doing 10 questions about my own book to read.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Kaimoana - 2018

This week for Today we have been given an task to do for our Maori teacher. What this activity we had to do was I created an google drawing of showing the names of the NZ fish's and naming in Maori i have enjoyed doing this activity with my Maori teacher because it shows that we can learn more about    Maori food.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WW1 What kind of food they eat - 2018

Today we have been learning more about WW1. We have listed many questions we would like to figure out. Our main question was, what kind of food did they eat in WW1? This question was something our group talked about, and was something we could agree with to have a understanding to our answer. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Fiction or Non fiction - 2018

This week we have been given and task to do for the book week challenges. My group was Josh, Sanujan and reneir and what we did for this activity was we created an google drawing and trying to find the definition of Non fiction and Fiction. This was an fun activity working with my group because it shows that we know about Non fiction and fiction.

A setting From a book - 2018

This week we have been given an task to do. My partner was Jericho and I and what we had to do was we created an google drawing and we had to draw an setting of what we read. This was an fun activity working with Jericho because it shows that we been making progress.

Alphabet Key - 2018

Alphabet Key - Author

A - Anthony Horowitz
B - Bible
C - Captain Underpants
D - Dr. Seuss
E - Extreme Survival
F - Freak Street
G - Goosebumps
H - Hairy Maclary
I - Infinity Ring
J - Jack and the Beanstalk.
K - Katie and the sunflowers
L - Liz Pichon
M - Mary and the mouse, The Mouse and Mary
N - Noisy Nora
O - One piece
P - The Perfect Princess
Q - Quiet Night
R - Roald Dahl
S - Spiderwick
T - Tom gates
U - Uncle Scrooge
V - V for Vendetta
W - William Taylor
X - X men
Y - Yawn
Z - Zeke Meeks
This week we have been given a task list to do with our partner. We have to complete a task and blog it. We decided to choose the alphabet key because we have many knowledge on this. We had to write author's names or a book title.

Reading Journey - 2018

 This week we are celebrating book week challenge. What we had to do was create and google drawing and putting our favourite books from overtime and choosing 6 books that we read during school my main favourite book is the very hungry caterpillar because it was my first book i ever read when I was 3 years old. And after that we had to put our explanation under the books we liked. This was an fun book week challenge because it brings us memory of how we read overtime.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemoration - 2018

This week Panmure Bridge School went to the field to have our Armistice Commemoration. Armistice Day is a time that people have died and remember those who died in WW1 and showing respect. Mr Johnston was speaking on the mike saying all about the soldiers that died and bringing them peace after that Mrs Kirkpatrick was speaking on the mike saying the poem of WW1 then After Mrs Kirkpatrick was speaking Mr Johnston said to the whole school to face the flag for 1 minute and showing respectful to our country. While that happened a visitor came to Panmure Bridge School he was One of the Defence force He was talking to us about his life and his career in LS2 people were asking questions about him. This was good that we had our Armistice Commemoration Today because we can always remember them.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

WW1 - Check Facts

Today for inquiry we have been learning all about WW1. My group was Lyric and Christopher and for this activity we had to do was we created and google drawing of an list of facts and checking the correct facts. I have enjoyed working with Lyric and Christopher because we worked as a team and worked collaboratively.

Armistice Collage - 2018

This week we have been learning about the Armistice Day. My group was Tai and Christopher and what we had to do for this activity was we created an DLO and putting photos about the armistice day and it is really important to remember those who died and be respectful. I have enjoyed working with Christopher and Tai because we worked collaboratively as a team.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Explanation Writing - Camels

How have camels adapted to their environment?
Are you aware that camels are special creatures which they adapted to their environment and can survive without 30 days of water in the desert. Did you know that camels can drink 46L in 1 session?.
Deserts are very dry and hot. There is little vegetation and almost no water. This could be the main reason why there are no trees and plants to drink enough water.The sand that covers the ground can absorb the heat and becomes extremely hot during the days. strong winds can cause quickly and is known the sand storm This is very dangerous because it can blind you.

When the sandy storm has meant over time camels have adapted by growing 2 sets of eyelashes and nostrils can close and protect during in the sand storms.Camels have thick lips to protect their mouths From the sharp thorns on the cactus plant. Cactus plants have source of hydration for these animals as they contain water.
Water is very rare in the desert. Camels get water from the cactus plant which
is why they have thick lips as this helps them to avoid sharp thorns that get
in their way. Food and water is not easy to find in desert conditions so camels
have a hump that stores fat. This fat is later used for energy and hydration
when the camel is tired and thirsty.

A desert is a hard place to survive in so over time camels have adapted to this environment.

This week for writing i have been learning about how camels can adapted to their environment. What I had to do for this activity is making a copy of the camel explanation and putting powerful words and facts into my camel explanation did you know that camels can drink up to 46L. I have enjoyed working in this DLO because it shows all about camels.

Kiwi Sport - Reflection

This term for Kiwi Sport we doing Boxing with Pax Patel. This was our first session of doing boxing. We first warmed up and we did an activity and it was about touching your partners shoulder or knee. If you get touched you will need to do a burpee. Today we learnt two types of moves which is jab and cross and our first combo was Jap - cross. We learnt that we can protect our face with gloves.

Tech - Reflection

This week for tech i have been carving out my art design. People are doing drawing their designs and      carving out their designs were I'm at that stage people are focusing and finishing off with their art designs i have really enjoyed doing my art design because I can show it to my mum or family.

Collaborative Comprehension

 This week Jeremiah and I have created an Google Presentation about the collaborative comprehension.
 Jeremiah and I have read the text of what we needed to do we read the Battle of Somme event and answer all the questions in the text. This helped me with my learning because of learning new words and sentences. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Inquiry - WW1

This week for inquiry we have been learning about WW1 of how they became peace. What our inquiry groups we had to do is Mrs Anderson created an DLO of what happened in WW1 and trying to find facts about WW1. My partner was lyric and we had to make 2 slides about WW1 of what caused WW1
My 2 topic's for the 2 slides were timeline and what they wearied at WW1, Lyric and I presented our 2 slides to show other people of what happened in WW1 this was an fun activity of creating this DLO
Because it shows interesting facts and information to other people what happened in WW1.


For writing we made a question on Kahoot that tells about explanation. First we find the group of three. I worked with Kanye and Te Pounamu. It was quite hard to make a question because we need to make a 12 question and it need to be a challenge and creative. 

Monday, 29 October 2018

Emotive Words

Today for reading we have been learning about emotive language. Emotive language explains what happens in a story and words that it is good or bad i have created an DLO which shows that all about motive words to show other people i have enjoyed doing this activity because it will help me with my reading and knowing all about emotive words.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Boxing - Reflection

For this week group B went to boxing at the hall so we can learn new things about boxing. First our  boxing coach name was Pax before doing any kind of activity or exercise we were learning her 3 Commandment/Rules those Commandments were respect, Discipline, and be safe. after we talked about Pax's Commandment we played an quick game of knee tag what we had to do is tag the other persons knee which my partner was Carl we both were having fun and after that we got into our learning session of the part we get to know all about boxing Pax taught us how to stunt in boxing which is called rock basically all you need to do is put one leg at the front and one leg at the back. Then you were t go down like your doing the Haka. This will help with your balance properly. We then learn the Jab/Cross. We were to jab with our left hand and cross with our right hand. I learnt that when you cross you have to twist your leg so you don't go falling when cross punch. I enjoyed doing boxing because of learning new ways of boxing.

Tech - Reflection

Today at our tech rotation I have been colouring my design. People are caring on carving their designs and colouring their designs what i have to finish is my colouring design and drawing my design people have worked hard and collaboratively and i hope i can finish my design from the end of this term.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Informal to formal - letters

Today my partner lyric and I have created an DLO of showing what is an informal and formal language. what our task we had to do for reading is complete the informal and formal letter and re write the informal words to change it to informal words. After that we had an a example on our DLO of informal and formal which the yellow one was informal and the blue one is formal that we had to explain of what is an informal and formal language. I have     enjoyed creating this DLO because it shows that we can     understand that was is informal and formal language.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Shake out

For this week it was the Shake Out day. My gorup have collaborated to complete this task. This DLO shows you things that cause earthquakes and explains how to Drop - Cover - Hold. We have wrote about things that happen on Christchurch and Napier.. We visited this site called This site is tells us to practice, Drop - Cover - Hold and drills. What I have learnt is, there was 185 people died during the Christchurch earthquake and Napier was the deadliest earthquakes that has killed 256 people.

Narrtive Poem

For reading our group have made a DLO about Pam Ayres. She is a comedian, English poet, comedian, songwriter and presenter of radio and television program. I wrote 3 facts about Pam Ayres  and my favorite joke about the narrative poem she made.

Tech - Reflection

For this week i have been focusing on my art at tech. People are up to drawing their designs and carving their designs and trying to finish their drawing designs and carving designs.I have enjoyed
                 going back to tech because of learning new things in tech and trying new activity's.

Kiwi can

This week kiwi can group B have been learning about how to respect our school, and teacher and other students. What are rules in our school? No phone aloud, No lollies, Only water. Why do we have rules in our school? we have rules because we can make our school better, Cleaner and safer. Our school values is Confidence, Attitude, Respect, and Excellence and invitation. Should we drink fizzy in
                                 school? No because of their health and it is against the law           
                  I have take part in kiwi because people can respect other people and teachers.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

What is peace

This week my group has created an google presentation about peace. What is peace, peace means that it is a time to respect other people's values and people to be safe and happy what i had to do was write an activist of how they promote peace and finding interesting facts about them did you know that Nelson Mandela went to an school called nelson when he was 7 years old. I have enjoyed creating this DLO           with my group because it shows that we know all about peace.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Reading - Style Formal and Informal

Today for Reading we have been learning about Formal language and Informal language. What is Formal language? Formal means that it has an greeting card and also means that you can email work mates, parents and grandparents. An Informal language is use to message friends and family and glossary list. I have enjoyed doing this activity because of learning the two words formal and informal.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hipposandal DLO

This week for reading my reading group has been working on their key into evaluation. This task we had to do was we created an DLO and get an picture of an horse leg and labelling all the different parts of the horse and learning new words this was an fun activity because it will help with my reading about labelling the horse.


For this week our writing group has been working on their apostrophes DLO. This is my DLO of showing what is an apostrophe what we had to do is create an google drawing about the apostrophes and blog post on your blog i have enjoyed doing this activity because it will show me all about

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Maths Strategy

Today my maths group has been working on their maths DLO. People were trying their best in their maths and trying to use timetables and division to solve maths problems.I have enjoyed doing this maths DLO because it shows that I can make good progress.

Maths strategy

 Last week my maths group has created an maths challenge. Other people were focusing on their maths challenge this is my maths DLO challenge to show other people what Im good at my maths i have enjoyed doing this maths activity because it will show that i can do better at my maths level.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Features of a Visual Text

Today for reading pakatoa and ponui have been labelling a book which was called the man made world. Both groups worked collaboratively of labelling the book and while both groups were listening they learnt new words and we had fun of doing this activity

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today LS2 went to the Duffy assembly. The person that talked to us his name was Michael Mulipola he was talking about his life and he likes to draw comics of what he done in his future it was wrestling, semi final gaming, cartoon, and all kind of stuff he would like to do he showed amazing stuffs with us                             in assembly and i hope he will come back to panmure bridge school.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Vector Wero - Trip 2018

For this week half of LS2 went to the Vector Wero trip in Manukau. First we went in to manukau to go to the water rafting and we had to wait because we would watch an movie of the vector wero in manukau of their safety we then got change in our swimming togs and we got all our safety ready so we can go to water rafting. Different groups went to all their instruct and his name was Mack he showed us how to cross over the river and we had a lot of fun with my group. I had a enjoyed going to     the vector wero because of learning their safety.

Tech - Reflection

Today for tech we have been drawing and colouring our art designs. Some people are nearly done of finishing their drawing and colouring and now they are going to carve it, but some people are still drawing their art designs its fun represent your culture using arts it really shows your talented.

Bridge Design Test

    For this week was testing bridge designs our group went first for our bridge design and Mr Johnston gave rice to all the groups or the metal kg's so how strong our bridge design are. Then Jonathan put the rice into the bucket and our bridge design was not strong because we needed more triangles to support                 our bridge design all groups tried their best of making their own bridge design and   
                                                enjoyed building bridge designs.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Kiwi can - Reflection

Toady for kiwi can we have been talking about perseverance. Perseverance means that when you try your best and when somebody plays a game they never give up on playing their sports When you are trying to join in sports and trying to achieve your goals. After that we went outside the courts and played tangled how we played this game was we have to attach other people to try tag all the people
but it was fun and hard because other people had their own directions and the fun bit was tagging all people. Then we played an another game which was called invisible touch what we had to was we have 2 groups that plays invisible touch and try get the goal this was an interesting game and enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Maths - 2018

Today for maths Mr Wong has created us an maths task. What helped me with this task was that using my strategy's of adding the question of one by one this was an fun activity of Mr Wong creating this task because this will help my maths learning. 

Friday, 7 September 2018

Bridge buliding

Today for inquiry this is the last day of building our bridge design. i hope my group will finish our bridge design because we will test the truck if it can fit.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Today half of LS2 went to the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra on the bus. We stopped at Sky City and went to the Auckland philharmonic orchestra where all the orchestra performance happened
then we lined up of the front entrance of the orchestra and we went in side and look at the different things of the orchestra. Then we went into the orchestra hall and we sat down and we will watch the performance then the performance has started and we heard the beautiful sound of the instruments there were different sections of the orchestra instruments there were Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French horn,
after that they had a conductor that was guiding the musicians and it was fast and slow at the same time. Then St kents and Ngatapawae they preformed and done an amazing job of dancing with the music i want to thank everyone for coming to the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra and hoped you guys had an fantastic day.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Bridge Building

Today we have stared yesterday of building our designs out of tooth pics. Our challenge was to build our bridges and my group was called ultimate Builders What my group are doing is trying to glue both toothpicks and to make sure we count all the toothpicks of building our design this was interesting to build our design because we will test our bridges and to see if the truck can fit in our bridge.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Features of a Visual Text

Today for Reading my group Pakatoa and Motuihe have been finding different labels and to put the right order.      
My label was sidebar a sidebar is a small article of a newspaper or magazine placed along side both groups had to work as a team to get the labels right I have worked collaboratively and worked as a group with both groups.

Friday, 31 August 2018

New York - 5 places

This week for Reading this was my task of marking 5 places in New York. This is a map of New York i chosen and these are the point i would want to go is Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Bridge, Central park and Harlem.This was an interesting activity marking 5 places in New York because i want to visit New York and see all the places in New York

Tech - Reflection

For this week for Tech we have been finishing our Pewter casting designs and it is the last session of tech. What i already finish is polishing my design and trying to let my tech teacher to photograph my design i worked hard to finish my design so i can give it to my mum i have enjoyed doing this last session of tech because it gave me alot of information about pewter casting.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Gym Advertisement

This term for Reading my group and all the groups are catching up to finish all our reading tasks what we haven't done. This is my reading task of searching up gyms this gym is called Snap Fitness it is a place to go to a gym and lose weight and the prices you would want to do this place is in Mount Wellington Highway Auckland 1060. The age for Snap Fitness is 15 years old i have enjoyed this reading activity with my group because one day i hope i can join the Snap Fitness.

Decimals - Maths 2018

For this week i made an DLO for maths and my maths group have been learning about Decimals in maths. Our Maths group have been practising decimals and trying our hardest to do the decimals i tried        my best in maths 
and trying to add the decimals i have enjoyed this maths activity because it will help my maths learning               and i can know it by heart with the decimals.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Auckland Harbour Bridge - 2018

For this week for our inquiry we have been learning about the Auckland harbour bridge. My partners were Jona and Jonathan ad we created an dlo of showing facts about the Auckland Harbour Bridge did you know that the Auckland Harbour Bridge nickname was coat hanger i have enjoyed doing this activity with my inquiry group because it shows that we know all about the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Read theory Progress - 2018

For this week this is my Read Theory progress and I have stayed on grade 4. My goal is to move to grade 5 and keep moving to another grade this will be challenging for me to get to grade 5 I felt confident doing read theory next time I will need to make more progress in Read Theory.