Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WW1 What kind of food they eat - 2018

Today we have been learning more about WW1. We have listed many questions we would like to figure out. Our main question was, what kind of food did they eat in WW1? This question was something our group talked about, and was something we could agree with to have a understanding to our answer. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Fiction or Non fiction - 2018

This week we have been given and task to do for the book week challenges. My group was Josh, Sanujan and reneir and what we did for this activity was we created an google drawing and trying to find the definition of Non fiction and Fiction. This was an fun activity working with my group because it shows that we know about Non fiction and fiction.

A setting From a book - 2018

This week we have been given an task to do. My partner was Jericho and I and what we had to do was we created an google drawing and we had to draw an setting of what we read. This was an fun activity working with Jericho because it shows that we been making progress.

Alphabet Key - 2018

Alphabet Key - Author

A - Anthony Horowitz
B - Bible
C - Captain Underpants
D - Dr. Seuss
E - Extreme Survival
F - Freak Street
G - Goosebumps
H - Hairy Maclary
I - Infinity Ring
J - Jack and the Beanstalk.
K - Katie and the sunflowers
L - Liz Pichon
M - Mary and the mouse, The Mouse and Mary
N - Noisy Nora
O - One piece
P - The Perfect Princess
Q - Quiet Night
R - Roald Dahl
S - Spiderwick
T - Tom gates
U - Uncle Scrooge
V - V for Vendetta
W - William Taylor
X - X men
Y - Yawn
Z - Zeke Meeks
This week we have been given a task list to do with our partner. We have to complete a task and blog it. We decided to choose the alphabet key because we have many knowledge on this. We had to write author's names or a book title.

Reading Journey - 2018

 This week we are celebrating book week challenge. What we had to do was create and google drawing and putting our favourite books from overtime and choosing 6 books that we read during school my main favourite book is the very hungry caterpillar because it was my first book i ever read when I was 3 years old. And after that we had to put our explanation under the books we liked. This was an fun book week challenge because it brings us memory of how we read overtime.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemoration - 2018

This week Panmure Bridge School went to the field to have our Armistice Commemoration. Armistice Day is a time that people have died and remember those who died in WW1 and showing respect. Mr Johnston was speaking on the mike saying all about the soldiers that died and bringing them peace after that Mrs Kirkpatrick was speaking on the mike saying the poem of WW1 then After Mrs Kirkpatrick was speaking Mr Johnston said to the whole school to face the flag for 1 minute and showing respectful to our country. While that happened a visitor came to Panmure Bridge School he was One of the Defence force He was talking to us about his life and his career in LS2 people were asking questions about him. This was good that we had our Armistice Commemoration Today because we can always remember them.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

WW1 - Check Facts

Today for inquiry we have been learning all about WW1. My group was Lyric and Christopher and for this activity we had to do was we created and google drawing of an list of facts and checking the correct facts. I have enjoyed working with Lyric and Christopher because we worked as a team and worked collaboratively.