Friday, 6 July 2018

Pro 's and Co'ns

Toady we talked about living in a light house This is the dlo that we made a list of pro's and con's.

Chicago teams

For this week our teacher Mrs Anderson came back from Chicago and told the stories of her trip. Then she told us to go on google maps were they live and how big is the house then we made a google presentation to show the Chicago sport's teams so one of the Chicago sports teams was Chicago bears,
Chicago bulls, Chicago cubs, Chicago white sox and Chicago black hawks i really enjoyed doing this activity because it show that what ever Chicago team they can do better and make better progressing at sports

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Pro's and Con's

Toady we were learning about the light house story. After that Mr Johnston told us to go away from our groups and put more words on our paper our title was pro's and con's pro's are like peaceful or other good things while you can live on the light house and con's are like bad things like no reception or going back or forth with the grocery shopping and after that we went back down to read our sentences
and we told the words to Mr Johnston to make a list.

ASB - Get wise

Toady was and interesting fun activity with Jay den This learning was about ASB  Earn - Save or Spending. This show's me that i need to take responsibility of saving and spending on other stuffs. I have enjoyed being in this group because we worked collaboratively and to solve how much we have. 
after that we played a game of spending at the air port so if i had 1,800 i would spend the food and other cheap stuffs i can buy and probably i would have 100 left i enjoyed playing the game with my group

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki celebration Festivial

Today is matariki day to celebrate our cultures. One of our dances was Maori, Pacific and Ukulele, i was proud of this celebration because its good to spend time with friends and family and having a good day for an celebration of all of the cultures. The dances were interesting because it represent the cultures
and my culture was Cookisland after that we had sausages to enjoy the matariki big Thanks to Whaea odie and Mr Ogilve and all the teachers for helping this celebration for students.


Today Ls2 has been collaborating with Ls1 for Matariki. My partners for this group was Joshua W, Sione, Jarome this was an good activity because so we know all bout Matariki and the 7 stars this challenge we had to do is find information about Matariki and the 7 stars and one thing about Matariki is like being together as a family and talking and having a good day of  Matariki

Friday, 29 June 2018

Cape Regina

This week we created a DLO about the Cape Reinga lighthouse. We used our smart searching skills to find out about the Cape Reinga light house. We went into different sites to help us find information. We learnt that the Cape Reinga light house on the tip of New Zealand. I learnt a lot from this activity.