Monday, 10 June 2019

Banana Cake

Banana Cake:

Step - cream 1 c of sugar
And 3 tsp of milk, 1 egg ,
Step - 2 1 tsp of vanilla essence
Step - 3 1 mash banana
Step - 4 Add 1 1/a c of S.R.F,
Mix well and bake 180 c for 30 mins
5- cleaning
6- take a picture of your cake
7 enjoy.

For this week we have been making banana cake. My group was Kane and Sam and we been making a lot of ingredients and making this cake nice and golden brown I have enjoyed doing this because it teach's us that we know how to cook.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Ham Burgers

Ham burger: Instructions 

Toast the bun first in the oven 200C.


Step 1 - Mix mince, onion, 2tsp of crumb bread, 1 egg, all spices salt. 

Step 2 - Divide into 2 balls and flat it down using your hand palm. E.G - Flat ball - Ball

Step 3 - Fry the patties until it is cooked.

For this week 9khr have been making Ham burgers. My group was Kane and Sam and we made Nice juciy burgers for our group to share we worked collaborative and worked as a team to make these nice juicy burgers. I have enjoyed doing this cooking session because my group is learning how to cook.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Macaroni cheese

Macaroni Cheese

Step 1 - Boil Macaroni with 2 1/2 c of cold water until it is soft. Drain with cold water using the colander white sauce.

Step 2 - Fry the onion until it is soft with 2Tbsp of butter.
Add 1/2c of plain flour stir for 5 mins  

Add 2c of milk puls water until it is thick like the gravy from kfc add macaroni and cheese.

Science - 2018

For this week we have been learning about parts and functions of a cell. This helps that we learn about our body and everything we know I have realised that the blood cells and the white cells combine together and making a web and all the dirt comes in to that web and it will heal the sore I have enjoyed doing this because it helps us learn new things

Monday, 13 May 2019

Food Class

Today for this period was double period of food tech. My partner was Tai and we made tuna sandwiches. We had to follow the instructions of making the tuna sandwiches this was good of making this sandwiches because it shows us about healthy sandwiches and other nutrition about healthy and I enjoyed my self of making these sandwiches with my partner Tai. 

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Science 2019

Lab Safety Rules: 

  1. Work quietly
  2. Do not eat or drink in the lab
  3. Do not smell chemicals unless told to.                
  4. Leave bags outside or in area away from work  benches
  5. Clean up spilled chemicals
  6. Report accidents

Earth of the Layers: What we have been doing for this term for layers of earth was learning the names of the layers of earth and the four layers of the earth is Crust - Mantle - Outer core - Inner core and learning the temperate of the Layers of the earth. I have enjoyed doing Layers of earth because I am learning something new about the Layers of earth.

Volcano's: What we have been doing for this term for volcano's is Learning the names of the volcano diagram's one of the names of the volcano's diagram's is Ash cloud - Crater - Secondary cone -Secondary Vent - Main Vent - Magma Chamber - Layers of ash and lava - Lava flow - Ash. Did you know that the word volcano originally comes from the name Roman god of fire Vulcan. I have enjoyed doing Volcano's because it helps my learning about volcanoes.

Earthquake: What we have been doing for this term for Earthquakes is Learning about Earthquakes and where they come from the earth. They are from the pacific and from different countries all around the world and New Zealand to, The biggest earthquake was in 1960 chile. I have enjoyed doing this activity about earthquakes because I can learn some things about the earthquakes.

Tectonics plates:What we have been doing for this term for Tectonics plates is learning the different things about tectonics plates. They are made for different parts of the earth's crust and connected together. one of them are Divergent - Convergent - Transform. This was fun to do this activity because of learning Tectonics plates.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Making Volcano - 2018

This term 9khr have been working on their volcano designs. Charles and I have been working on our Volcano designs people have been listening to the instructions that they have been given an they were showing participation and respect. Charles and I have learned something new about volcano this is a
really fantastic activity to do because we can learn new things about Volcanic eruptions. What I have learnt so far is the volcano is above the surface of the earth volcano can trigger tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mudflows and rockfalls. In New Zealand they had a volcano since 1300.