Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Maths Strategy

Today my maths group has been working on their maths DLO. People were trying their best in their maths and trying to use timetables and division to solve maths problems.I have enjoyed doing this maths DLO because it shows that I can make good progress.

Maths strategy

 Last week my maths group has created an maths challenge. Other people were focusing on their maths challenge this is my maths DLO challenge to show other people what Im good at my maths i have enjoyed doing this maths activity because it will show that i can do better at my maths level.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Features of a Visual Text

Today for reading pakatoa and ponui have been labelling a book which was called the man made world. Both groups worked collaboratively of labelling the book and while both groups were listening they learnt new words and we had fun of doing this activity

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today LS2 went to the Duffy assembly. The person that talked to us his name was Michael Mulipola he was talking about his life and he likes to draw comics of what he done in his future it was wrestling, semi final gaming, cartoon, and all kind of stuff he would like to do he showed amazing stuffs with us                             in assembly and i hope he will come back to panmure bridge school.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Vector Wero - Trip 2018

For this week half of LS2 went to the Vector Wero trip in Manukau. First we went in to manukau to go to the water rafting and we had to wait because we would watch an movie of the vector wero in manukau of their safety we then got change in our swimming togs and we got all our safety ready so we can go to water rafting. Different groups went to all their instruct and his name was Mack he showed us how to cross over the river and we had a lot of fun with my group. I had a enjoyed going to     the vector wero because of learning their safety.

Tech - Reflection

Today for tech we have been drawing and colouring our art designs. Some people are nearly done of finishing their drawing and colouring and now they are going to carve it, but some people are still drawing their art designs its fun represent your culture using arts it really shows your talented.

Bridge Design Test

    For this week was testing bridge designs our group went first for our bridge design and Mr Johnston gave rice to all the groups or the metal kg's so how strong our bridge design are. Then Jonathan put the rice into the bucket and our bridge design was not strong because we needed more triangles to support                 our bridge design all groups tried their best of making their own bridge design and   
                                                enjoyed building bridge designs.